CAD Collective Drawings of Architectural Design Detail

建筑细部CAD图集 / CAD Collective Drawings of Architectural Design Detail

主编/Editor: ThinkArchit Group

出版时间/Publication Date: 2012.01

出版社/Press: 华中科技大学出版社 / Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press

ISBN: 978-7-5609-7409-5

With the rapid development of the industry of architecture design, the designers are so used to issues concerning originality, considering that as for design industry, originality means everything. It is unarguable that without originality, no industry can survive for long. But it is for that it is easy to produce designs full of imaginations, it is nonetheless hard to put them into practice. No matter how original the architectural design is, without putting it into practice, without perfect mastering of the details, it is still impossible to complete a fine architectural work. A great work can be obtained through exact and vivid solutions of the architectural details. Thus we can find how important the architectural detail design is. Based on this, this book selects worldwide successful architectural works which can display the current design ideas and focuses on the analysis of the detail designs. According to the different materials the architecture’s outer wall applies, this book is divided into different sections, namely concrete, timber, material combinations, new materials, metal, stone, glass, etc. This book includes actual photographs and detailed CAD drawings for each project to carry out comprehensive analysis towards the architectural detailed parts, thus restoring the architects’ design ideas. The disk attached to the book includes vector diagrams of all the projects for readers’ reference.