The architecture design of apartment in the world

全球公寓建筑设计 / The architecture design of apartment in the world

主编/Editor: ThinkArchit Group

出版时间/Publication Date: 2011.01

出版社/Press: 华中科技大学出版社 / Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press

ISBN: 978-7-5609-6712-7

The book has selected more than 60 cases of the latest works of apartment architectural design in the world. These cases are novel and not only meet the function of comfortable living, but also show the intelligent and new environment-friendly architectural technologies. The layout of each unit in the case not only meets the requirement of lighting and a field of view in the room, but also ensures privacy and permeability. These works around the world show the diversity and artistry of apartment architectural design from different climatic conditions, complex terrain features and cultural differences. The book comprehensively analysis the latest design concept of apartment architecture and reflects the trend of design to the new way of life for modern through study, description and display to these works. In addition to the photos with high quality, the book provides comprehensive information on the original architectural design, including floor plans, elevations, sections and diagrams and also provides architect with valuable and referenced information. Those energy-saving and environment-friendly design and application of energy-saving materials provide a reference and basis for architects to explore green design of apartment architecture.

本书在全球范围内选录了六十多个最新公寓建筑设计作品。这些公寓建筑案例造型新颖,不仅满足了舒适的居住功能,还体现了智能化、环保的新建筑技术。案例中 各个住宅单元的平面布局形式不仅满足居室的采光、观赏视线等要求,更保证了居室的私密性和通透性。这些项目案例遍布世界,分别从不同的气候条件,复杂多变 的地形特点以及各地的文化差异方面展现了公寓建筑设计的多样性和艺术性。本书通过对这些作品的研究、描述和展示,全面分析了公寓建筑设计的最新理念,反映 了适合现代人新生活方式的公寓建筑的设计趋势。本书除了配以高质量的案例实景照片以外,还辅以全面的原始建筑设计资料,包括建筑的平面图、立面及剖面图, 以及建筑构思过程图,为建筑设计师提供了非常宝贵且具有借鉴价值的信息资料。那些节能、环保的设计方法以及节能材料的应用形式,为建筑师探求绿色公寓建筑 设计方法提供了参考和依据。