Great Wisdom in Small Space

小型绿色建筑设计实践 / Great Wisdom in Small Space – the green design of small-size architecture

主编/Editor: ThinkArchit Group

出版时间/Publication Date: 2010.09

出版社/Press: 华中科技大学出版社/Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press

ISBN: 978-7-5609-6527-7

The book covers more than 50 outstanding small-size architectural works in the world, including residential buildingsand public facilities. The architectural design is unique. It is not only a model of optimum utilization of limited space butalso representative of the green energy-saving building design. By referring to these cases, architects will have a betterunderstanding of architectural design principles and appreciate the idea of how to combine space of the building. Thoseenergy-saving and environment-friendly design and application of energy-saving materials provide a reference and basisfor architects to explore green design. Each work in the book is displayed with detailed design specification, floor plans,facades, diagrams and photos, which show the design concept and method of each work.

本书在全球范围内精选了50多个优秀的小面积建筑设计作品,其中包括住宅建筑和公共设施建筑。这些建筑设计理念独特,不仅是将有限空间合理利用的典范,更 是绿色节能建筑设计的代表。建筑师通过借鉴这些实际案例,能更好地掌握建筑设计的原则,并体会建筑空间组合的技巧。那些节能、环保的设计方法以及节能材料 的应用形式,为建筑师探求绿色建筑设计方法提供了参考和依据。本书展示的每个作品都配有详细的设计说明、平面图、立面图、设计构思示意图、建成照片等,真 实展现了每个作品的设计理念和设计方法。