International Creative Landscape Design: Style + Functionality

国际创意景观: 风格+功能 / International Creative Landscape Design: Style + Functionality

主编/Editor: ThinkArchit Group

出版时间/Publication Date: 2012.08

出版社/Press: 华中科技大学出版社 / Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press

ISBN: 978-7-5609-8052-2

This book includes the world’s excellent landscape design cases of recent years. Apart from a large number of exquisite pictures, there are planning floor plans, section drawings, hand drawings and detailed descriptions in this book, presenting the concepts and design methods of landscape design in a profound way from multi-angles. The editor divides the design works into 8 chapters according to the landscape functions, i.e. Residence and Garden, Park and Green Place, Culture and Education, Commercial and Office Space, Entertainment and Leisure, Waterfront and Ecology, Roof Garden, Square and Street. This book specially carries out analysis for the design styles of every work. There are not only concise and exquisite modern landscapes and classic landscapes with profound cultural connotations, but also magnificent south-eastern landscapes and Japanese landscapes set off by bridges, flowing water, pavilions, terraces and towers. With fine and smooth brushworks, the landscape designers delineate pictures of human beings coexisting in harmony with nature. It is about passion and imagination, about seclusion, benevolence and harmony. It is more about purity and perfection.