Resurrection of Buildings: Case Analysis of Renovated Architecture

重生的建筑:翻新改建建筑案例解析/Resurrection of Buildings: Case Analysis of Renovated Architecture

主编/Editor: ThinkArchit Group

出版时间/Publication Date: 2013.04

出版社/Press: 华中科技大学出版社 / Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press

ISBN: 978-7-5609- 8721-7

This book selects more than 50 excellent projects of renovated buildings worldwide. The architects adjust measures to local conditions and ingeniously carry out reposition and design for the buildings’ exterior, interior and landscape environment, thus creating some resurrection for them. Each project inside this book has its peculiar characteristics. Some focus on ecological and sustainable parts, such as rebuilding a factory neighboring to residential communities into a library, which decreases pollution, while at the same time produces some cultural atmosphere. Rainwater collection, recycled use of waste and reservation of plants are all the starting points for reconstruction. Some emphasize on the functionality of buildings, such as carrying out reconstruction towards historical administrative building, hence acquiring better functions and more attractive appearance and helping it become landmark architecture. Some stick to reservation and inheritance of historical culture, which integrates new elements while continuing the original historical style and features, thus bringing out new life for the buildings. We believe that via this book, you can have further understanding towards that how architects display innovative ideas within so many limits and restrictions and bring the old buildings into new time, which not only meets with new practical requirements, but also brings the old buildings back to life.

本书在世界范围内精心选取了五十多个翻新改建建筑的优秀案例。建筑师因地制宜,巧妙构思,对建筑外观、内部空间和景观环境进行重新定位和设计,使建筑重获 新生。书中的案例各有特色,有的注重生态性和可持续性,如将居住区附近的工厂改建成博物馆,减少污染的同时,也增加了文化氛围,雨水收集、废弃物回收利 用、植被的保留都是改建设计的出发点;有的注重建筑的功能性,如对历史悠久的行政大楼进行改建,使其具有更加完善的功能和引人注目的外观,成为当地新的地 标性建筑;有的注重对历史文化的保留和传承,在延续原有历史风貌的基础上融入新的元素,使建筑焕然一新。相信通过本书,读者可以深入了解优秀的建筑师们如 何在诸多局限中发挥创意,让老建筑与时俱进,不仅满足了新的使用要求,而且焕发出新的光彩。