Elegant Hotel–Original Hotel Appearance Design

美丽驿馆–创意酒店外观设计/Elegant Hotel–Original Hotel Appearance Design

主编/Editor: ThinkArchit Group

出版时间/Publication Date: 2013.10

出版社/Press: 华中科技大学出版社 / Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press

ISBN: 978-7-5609- 9331-0

This book includes more than 50 hotel appearance design cases.The presentation of these cases includes floor plan, elevation, sectiondrawing, actual photograph and design description. The whole book isdivided into 5 chapters and according to the style and features, thesechapters are listed as follows: Street Hotel·Surprise and Encountering,Business Hotel·Modern and Fashion, Countryside Hotel·Folk Customand Primitiveness, Oceanside Hotel·Freshness and Sunshine, MountainHotel·Tranquility and Upright. The common characteristics of these casesare that they have original appearance design and have fine relationshipwith the surrounding environment.

本书收录了50 多个具有现代、时尚建筑外观的精品酒店设计案例。这些案例的展示都包含平面图、立面图、剖面图、实景图和设计说明。全书分为五个章节,按照酒店所在位置以及风格特征分为:街头驿馆• 惊喜与偶遇、商务驿馆• 现代与时尚、乡野驿馆• 民俗与淳朴、滨海驿馆• 清新与阳光、山间驿馆• 宁静与挺拔。这些案例共同的特点是拥有独特、新颖的外观设计,并与城市周边环境建立了良好的关系。