100+ Landscape Design: Commerce Residence Education

100+ Landscape Design: Commerce Residence Education /《景观100+ 商业 住宅 教育》

主编/Editor: ThinkArchit Group

出版时间/Publication Date: 2015.10

出版社/Press: 华中科技大学出版社 / Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press

ISBN: 9787568011877

Page: 312

This book includes the world’s excellent landscape design cases of recent years. Apart from a large number of exquisite pictures, there are planning floor plans, section drawings, hand drawings and detailed descriptions in this book, presenting the concepts and design methods of landscape design in a profound way from multi-angles. The editor divides the design works into 6 chapters according to the landscape functions, i.e. Commercial and Official Space, Residence, Education, Park, Square and Street, Waterscape. There are not only concise and exquisite modern landscapes and classic landscapes with profound cultural connotations, but also magnificent south-eastern landscapes and european style landscapes set off by bridges, flowing water, pavilions, terraces and towers. With fine and smooth brushwork, the landscape designers delineate pictures of human beings coexisting in harmony with nature. It is about passion and imagination, about seclusion, benevolence and harmony. It is more about purity and perfection.

《景观100+. 商业  住宅  教育》在全球范围内收录了50多个近几年内最新的优秀的景观设计作品,作品包括商业景观、住宅景观、教育景观等类型,每个案例都配有包括平面图、立面图、剖面图、设计构思图意图在内的设计图纸和大量的实景照片及深入浅出的设计说明。


流浪者酒店Vagabond Motel
半岛度假酒店  Peninsula Resort
滨海度假村  A Coastal Retreat
贝尔蒙德帕拉西奥拿撒勒库斯科宫酒店  Belmond Palacio Nazarenas Hotel
皮克林花园酒店  Park Royal on Pickering
西班牙酒店  Castell D’emporda
2015米兰世界博览会巴西馆  Brazil Pavilion – EXPO Milano 2015
2015米兰世界博览会法国馆  French Pavilion – EXPO Milano 2015
城市天空农场  Urban Skyfarm
佐鲁中心  Zorlu Center
特朗普大厦  Trump Towers
都柏林天然气公司  Bord Gais Dublin
威悉河商业空间  Weserquartier
冠利大厦  Crest Prime Tower Shiba
保利国际广场  Poly International Plaza
成都赛门铁克  Symantec Chengdu Campus
海洋金融中心  Ocean Financial Center
塞西尔街158号 158 Cecil Street
德国汉莎航空中心  Lufthansa Aviation Center
SAP创意中心  Innovation Center of SAP
花园式购物中心水景  Water Feature for The Gardens Mall
空中食宿办公总部后花园  Airbnb Headquarters Courtyard
禅宗对称景观  Zen Symmetry
两个空间之间  Between Two Worlds
线形透明景观  Linear Transparency
金斯住宅  Kings House
Baan San Kraam 住宅景观  Baan San Kraa
南洋理工大学的学生宿舍  Ntu Crescent Hall and Pioneer Hall
心怡苑住宅  NV Residences
Minton住宅  The Minton
Domain 21公寓  Domain 21
康科德住宅区  Concord Residences
Kemerlife XXI 住宅区  Kemerlife XXI
乌鲁斯·萨瓦住宅  Ulus Savoy Housing
NEO河岸公寓  NEO Bankside
北贝尔瓦尔—居住景观设计  Belval North,’Living (in) the Landscape’
格罗夫纳花园  Grosvenor Park
阿姆斯特尔芬关怀中心  Amstelveen Zonnehuis Care Home
新加坡科技与设计大学  Singapore University of Technology & Design
The Hive公共图书馆  The Hive
圣爱德华大学蒙迪图书馆  St. Edward’s University Munday Library
布罗斯纺织学校时尚中心  Borås Textile Fashion Center
Leyteire空间  Leyteire Courtyard
于默奥大学校园景观  Umeå Campus Park
以色列Rakafot学校  Rakafot School