What can ThinkArchit do

We have cooperated with many presses in China to publish handover book. Our target readers include architect, real estate developer, the building materials manufacturers, design agencies, designers, teachers and students of Construction College, local architecture department of government and enthusiasts.

We focus on architecture/landscape/interior publications. Our distributors cover in China, Japan, Singapore, India and Myanmar. You can find our books from famous online stores, design bookstore throughout the major cities in China, and also they are collected in every famous library.

Since our website ‘51arch‘ was launched in March 2011, it has been read by over 2.6 million unique visitors from China.

If you want to show your work in China, we exactly can help you. We can quickly introduce your work and company into China via our publications including book and website.

So if you plan to start your journey of China, please contact us!